The Customer Journey

The customer journey, or experience, is simply the sum of all engagements a customer has with you over the duration of the relationship.

Debbie Simpson shows you what this journey consists of and how you as a sales representative, marketer, or a small business owner can look at to ensure a great customer experience and subsequently and sustainably reap the rewards.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: What Is It?
Chapter 2: Values of Focus
Chapter 3: It’s a Global Competition
Chapter 4: It’s a Total Experience
Chapter 5: Stages to Buying
Chapter 6: Only Step #3
Chapter 7: Engagement Regardless
Chapter 8: Back to the Basics
Chapter 9: Controls
Chapter 10: Many Channels and Departments
Chapter 11: Starting
Chapter 12: 6 Disciplines
Chapter 13: Customer Journey Mapping
Chapter 14: Challenges
Chapter 15: Net Promoter Score
Chapter 16: Case Study:

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