Nurturing Prospects Into Customers

Just because someone fills out a form on your website, or asks to subscribe to your newsletter, it does not automatically make them a customer. This is where lead nurturing begins.

In this webinar, Debbie Simpson, President of Multi-Craft, describes what lead nurturing is about and how you can execute it to ensure the best possible return.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: What Is It?
Chapter 2: B2B
Chapter 3: The Funnel
Chapter 4: Its Importance
Chapter 5: 4 Objectives
Chapter 6: Marketing Automation
Chapter 7: Automation Starts With Email
Chapter 8: Nurturing With Emails
Chapter 9: Segmentation
Chapter 10: Automation Goes Beyond Email
Chapter 11: Examples Of Processes
Chapter 12: What Does Yours Look Like?
Chapter 13: Create Content
Chapter 14: How Do They Find It?
Chapter 15: How The Process Could Fail
Chapter 16: Buld The Relationship