Leveraging Loyalty for Referrals

Loyalty is a feeling of strong support for someone or something that should result in retention, repeat business, and referrals. A referral is a person recommended to someone for something.

In this seminar, Debbie Simpson, President of Multi-Craft discusses the value of maintaining loyalty among your customers and how one receives, even gives, referrals that result in greater productivity.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Studies Show…
Chapter 2: Start Off With…
Chapter 3: Get Feedback
Chapter 4: Referrals
Chapter 5: Retention Challenges & Programs
Chapter 6: Example: Referral Card
Chapter 7: Multi-Channel Program
Chapter 8: Keep It Relevant
Chapter 9: Who Refers
Chapter 10: How To
Chapter 11: Social Impact Theory
Chapter 12: Social Media/s Role
Chapter 13: Plans & Strategies
Chapter 14: Measurement
Chapter 15: 11 Ways