Direct Mail: Alive and Working!

Direct mail has been declared dead and alive continuously over the decades. It has not occurred. Debbie Simpson shows the many ways direct mail can be a valuable tool in your marketing tool box and used to augment and improve your overall marketing strategy.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Defined
Chapter 2: An Effective Tool
Chapter 3: Reception and Role
Chapter 4: 4 Levels
Chapter 5: Personalization
Chapter 6: Distinct Benefits
Chapter 7: What Does the Brain Think?
Chapter 8: QR Code
Chapter 9: Strong But Never Alone
Chapter 10: Make It Successful
Chapter 11: How to Fail
Chapter 12: What Happens
Chapter 13: Coexistence
Chapter 14: Response Rates
Chapter 15: Dimensional Mail
Chapter 16: Measurement