2018 Marketing Trends

Marketers are already busy refining their marketing strategies and tactics for 2018.

Mobile continues to be the first screen, so many of the trends directly impact your mobile marketing.

And everything seems to point back to content.

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“The Neuroscience of Touch: A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch unites neuroscience and branding to explore the many ways touch impacts how people perceive brands”

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Trends In Brief (TIB)
Chapter 2: TIB: Micro-Moments
Chapter 3: TIB: Live Streaming
Chapter 4: TIB: Native Ads
Chapter 5: TIB: Mobile Video
Chapter 6: TIB: Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 7: TIB: Explainer Videos
Chapter 8: TIB: Chat Bots
Chapter 9: TIB: Content
Chapter 10: TIB: Social Publishing
Chapter 11: TIB: Geofencing
Chapter 12: TIB: Micro-Influencers
Chapter 13: TIB: Data
Chapter 14: TIB: Blogs
Chapter 15: TIB: Virtual and Augmented Reality
Chapter 16: Challenges to the Trends
Chapter 17: Neuro/Haptic