May 2018  
Turn print into an experience!

When is a print piece more than a print piece? When it’s a dramatic multisensory experience that harnesses the power of touch to wow your customers and boost their success.

Graphic Village is the first in North America to offer the groundbreaking Scodix Ultra2 Digital Enhancement Press, which allows us to add striking digital enhancements and embellishments like high-gloss spot applications, textured effects and digitally applied foil to all sorts of high-end print pieces.

Think packaging, business cards, invitations, book and annual report covers, marketing materials and more. Open your mind to all the possibilities!

By engaging an additional sense, the Scodix enhances our ability to help our clients differentiate themselves from their competitors and strengthen their brand.

“We like to say, ‘Touching is believing,’” says Graphic Village President Larry Kuhlman. “It’s hard to overstate the impact of adding tactile and visual effects to printed products.”

At Graphic Village, we reimagine what’s possible in print marketing. Imagine what our new Scodix Ultra2 can do for your marketing initiatives.

As a one-stop shop for virtually all types of print and digital marketing services, Graphic Village is always working to bolster our clients’ marketing efforts and boost their ROI. Contact us to learn how we can help you engage your target audience and grow your business.

As you may have heard, we joined the Graphic Village family of companies in February, allowing us to deepen our relationships with our existing clients and expand our portfolio of services. Please visit GV’s brand new website at to learn all about our Graphic Village family.

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