Debbie Simpson Talks About Presiding Over A Family Run Business At Eggs ‘N Issues

The Northern Kentucky Tribune recently covered Eggs ‘N Issues, a Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce breakfast seminar, where the topic of the day was family owned businesses, and Debbie Simpson, president, was one of the featured speakers.

Debbie sat with Eric Haas, of National Band and Tag, for the seminar, hosted by Larry Grypp, president of the Goering Center for Family & Private Business, and discussed some of the unique issues that pop up throughout the life of a family owned business.

Debbie Simpson at Eggs 'N Issues

Debbie describes some of her experiences of co-owning a company with two other siblings, even some challenges. She recalls one time when the three did not agree on a direction and she was outvoted.

“I really felt that what I thought we should do (was right),” Simpson said. “Thank goodness we voted because a week later it was clear that had we gone in my direction, it would have been the wrong direction.”

The talk also included discussion of the role and future of family owned businesses and their impact on the communities in which they are based.

Read the full article here.

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