You may think it’s just a box, but usually it’s so much more than that. Packaging has many roles:

  • Protects the environment from the contents
  • Stores the contents until they are ready to be used
  • Protects the contents from any hazards encountered during transit
  • Provides the buyer with instructions on how to use, recycle or dispose of the packaging or the content.
  • Provides nutritional or ingredient information.
  • Supports the brand and delivers the marketing message through shape, color, messaging and materials. Packaging is one of the ways organizations can get the consumers to notice their products on the shelves.


At Multi-Craft, our role in packaging is in the marketing realm. We produce customized containers for our clients to:

  • Test consumer reaction to potential packaging designs before they commit to a long and expensive package production run – these are often called sales samples.
  • Customized packages that will transport our clients marketing materials, samples or promotional products. Three-dimensional mailings can be a great way to get past the gatekeeper and to your intended target.

Packaging can play a very important role in communicating directly to consumers. In a grocery store, a shopper passes approximately 600 items each minute. Packaging may be the only way to get some of these consumers to notice your product.

Marketers, and their organizations, spend a great deal of time and money researching color, text, shapes, substrates and graphics in an effort to gain the advantage on the grocery shelf. Producing a short run of the various designs can help an organization test the market to see which package produces the best results. Once that is determined, they can produce a large run to roll out to all distributors.

When you’re ready to take the next step into packaging, let us help put your Ideas in Motion!

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