Online Storefronts

The emarketing dictionary defines an online storefront as a website that enables visitors to find, order and pay for products and services. If you are reading this blog, it is likely you have also ordered something online from or another retail website. Those are online storefronts.

Today’s consumers are pretty savvy about online shopping and familiar with how to place an item in a shopping cart, checkout and pay for their online purchases. Online storefronts make it easy to shop from the comfort of our homes.

However, online storefronts are a great tool for organizations who have multiple locations, a national sales force, sell through brokers, agents or manufacturer’s reps. An online storefront can house all of your marketing collateral, business stationery and promotional products. Our online storefront is called Connect and is a part of our Direct suite of tools.

Connect helps marketers protect their brand, while at the same time allows those ordering to customize with appropriate images and text, suitable for their targets or geographic region.

This system controls inventory, makes reports available 24/7, enables automatic re-ordering, list purchasing and even the ability to conduct a one-to-one direct mail or ecampaign right from the online storefront.

Some benefits of our online storefronts include:

  • Brand control and dealer/agent support
  • One-stop gateway for ordering all marketing collateral
  • Customized reporting and tracking capabilities
  • Streamlined operations to save time and money by reducing the cost of procurement
  • No server, software, or internal IT support required

If you think an online storefront may be helpful in your organization, we’re happy to provide a demo for you, so you can better judge it’s value.

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