Top Characteristics of Satisfied Customers

What makes a customer satisfied or unsatisfied in doing business with you? A recent survey from MarketingSherpa provides important insights. The “Consumer Satisfaction Research Study,” based on data gathered from 2,400 customers, asked consumers to identify the characteristics of companies they do business with, including their marketing practices. It also asked whether they were satisfied…

Don’t Lose Customers Due to Inaction!

Do you know the primary reason companies lose customers? They stop communicating with them. It is that simple. When companies stop communicating, their customers lose interest. They move on to the competition and brands that pay attention to them. This is why it is not enough to just have a customer acquisition strategy. You must…

4 Ways to Turbo Charge Personalized Campaigns

We all know that personalization works. In fact, research from InfoTrends found that 84% of consumers said that personalization made them “much more likely” or “somewhat more likely” to open their mail. Even so, one of the secrets to success is not to rely on personalization alone. Personalization gets you in the door—it grabs attention….

10 Reasons Direct Mail Is a Life Hack

Is direct mail a life hack? According to, the answer is yes. At least, it’s a marketing hack every company should know.


I happen to be one of those that love change. I look forward to new challenges, learning new things and continually improving.

Happy New Year!

We are getting ready to start a new year. It’s always a great time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Are you where you thought you would be at this time?

‘Tis The Season!

I love this time of year! The holidays seem to bring out the best in most people. I feel like there are more smiles and possibly a little more patience and forgiveness that is in the air.

Study Shows Buyer Personas Driving Demand Gen

Before new customers can buy from you, they need to learn about you. They need to discover you through direct mail, email, or on the web. To create this awareness, companies are developing sophisticated demand generation programs.

Why Cross-Channel Consistency Is So Important

Whether you are using direct mail, email, mobile, or signage, you have likely heard people talking about the importance of the “multi-channel” experience.

Stretch Your Marketing Dollars!

Competition for consumers’ shopping dollars is still fierce, and marketing dollars are under more scrutiny than ever before. Here are three easy ways to manage your paper costs.