Cincinnati Commercial Printer Hosts Annual Fat Tuesday Celebration

Multi-Craft brings Mardi Gras to customers in Newport


Multi-Craft’s annual open house Fat Tuesday Event is February 12. The Newport-based marketing support and print solutions company will showcase some of the newest industry techniques while guests network and enjoy traditional New Orleans fare.
The Second Annual Multi-Craft Poster Design Contest winner will be chosen at the event by a popular vote for a grand prize of a $500 Apple® gift card. Representatives from Customer Contact Insights, Inc., Xerox, Ariva and FSN will be there to demonstrate new print, paper and data products.
“Multi-Craft has had an excellent year marked by several industry awards and recognitions in the greater Cincinnati business community. This event is the fun, original way we invite our customers and friends to celebrate with us,” Deborah Simpson Multi-Craft president said.
The last day to RSVP is Friday, February 1.
For more information on this year’s Fat Tuesday event, call Multi-Craft at 859.581.2754 or follow Multi-Craft on Twitter @IdeasnMotion, #MCFatTuesday.
About Multi-Craft
Multi-Craft is a privately-held marketing services and support company founded in 1955, providing strategic marketing support, creative and print services, mailing, fulfillment and database management for businesses seeking opportunity and growth in their market. Its focus is to develop solutions with measurable results and ROI for a long-term business partnership. For more information visit:

FSC Print Projects Contribute to Boone County Arboretum

Multi-Craft challenges Cincinnati businesses to go green and give back


Multi-Craft’s Green Ideas in Motion program has been in effect since 2010.   Through this green print initiative, Multi-Craft makes a donation to the Boone County Arboretum for every print project that uses FSC certified paper.  The 2012 donation was just sent to the arboretum.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification supports smart and sustainable forestry.  Varieties of papers have been given FSC certification and are a way for businesses to support green initiatives, similar to printing on recycled paper.  Multi-Craft takes the green benefit one step further by making a donation to the local arboretum to support the protection of green space in our community.


Since the program’s inception, Multi-Craft has completed 172 FSC print jobs that contributed to the annual donation.  Help us increase that number by learning more and choosing FSC certified paper for your next project.


Support the Boone County Arboretum!


New Year, New Me, New You!

I had a health scare on New Year’s Day – it was a wake up call. I always felt I was a healthy individual with good habits, and that’s mostly true. But, as with everything, there’s always room for improvement. So, New Year, watch out! A new me is in the process of launching!

The same could be said for just about anything we do – it can always be better. Continuous improvement is a worthy goal. Here, at Multi-Craft we tend to measure everything that doesn’t run away from us: 

  • Benchmarking
  • Spoilage
  • On-time and early deliveries
  • Billing cycle
  • Customer value
  • Profitability
  • Individual workloads
  • Survey results
  • Fish moments (atta boys!)

Nothing is sacred. 2012 was a great year for all of the above, so in the spirit of continuous improvement, our 2013 goals will be a little more difficult to hit. No coasting or backsliding permitted! And, guess what – employees are perfectly fine with that.

 We use industry standards and ratio studies to benchmark ourselves and our goal is to not be average. I think we have a company of above average team members, so our goals are what will keep us growing and excelling – to keep us above average.

We also love lifelong learners. That’s just another area of continuous improvement for an individual. Today, technology is driving change so quickly that it’s easy to be out-of-date when just yesterday you were cutting edge. It’s not about the college degree, though they certainly add value. It’s about self-education – reading books, attending seminars, participating in roundtables, tapping into vendor knowledge, going to trade shows and asking questions. It’s developing a curious nature and having the ability to determine how you can use that new information to move yourself and your organization forward.

Printing has been around since Benjamin Franklin, but today it’s different. It’s not just about putting ink on paper – it’s about so much more. Consider:

For those printing companies who made the decision to remain strictly a printing company, I’m thinking you’re either gone or struggling. We are no longer printers – we are communicators. It doesn’t matter whether what needs to be communicated is through telemarketing, billboards, social media or printing. All it matters is that it be communicated by someone who has the knowledge to execute the strategy.

Someone famous once said, “The times, they are a changing”. What they neglected to tell us is that the times are changing daily! To keep up, we need to develop a passion for learning, change and continuous improvement. If you are located in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, join us for our free monthly seminars. You might just learn something that could help you along the path of continuous improvement!



Great Expectations!

There’s an interesting article at SmartPlanet, entitled “From Clicks To Bricks”. The article is focused on e-tailers that are expanding into having a physical presence as well. According to The New York Times’ Stephanie Clifford, “there is merit to having stores that customers can actually visit, to partake in a shopping experience, and feel and touch merchandise.”

Even EBay is adding a physical location as one of their channel strategies. In addition, EBay also uses catalogs and direct mail to drive traffic to their online site. It seems like the more we change the more we stay the same, doesn’t it?

Then I see that has declared 2013 the Year of the Marketer. Delving into their 2013 trends and predictions, they predict that the CMO will move into the C-suite and actually take a seat in the boardroom. Now, that’s just not a meaningless decision, but will carry great accountability. 

CMOs will be expected to take on added responsibility for revenue generation, not just market share and be able to direct the entire organization in regard to acquisition and retention of customers, along with data gathering and analytics. Yes, it’s also the year of Big Data.

So, what do the clicks-to-bricks brands and the “enlarged” CMO have in common? Integration across multiple channels and the development of new skills. We have become digitally inundated and consumers have become immune to our emails, tweets and other digital communications. Sometimes, they actually WANT a face-to-face purchasing interaction.

To stand out, marketing messages must use all available marketing channels – yes, even including direct mail. With mailboxes being empty, marketers are seeing the opportunity to grab attention during that magic “mail moment” and are returning to direct mail as one of their marketing strategies.

CMOs will need expertise in social media as well as team-building. They will need to have the ability to develop cross-departmental teams to accumulate meaningful customer data that will allow for detailed segmentation and relevant just-in-time touches. Their skills will need to encompass all of the marketing channels, as well as financial acumen and management skills, because their efforts will be expected to grow top line revenue and contribute to the profitability of the organization. 

The message? To me it’s about using everything we have – knowledge, marketing channels, software and people. It’s no longer just the job of the marketing department to build the brand. And, it’s not possible to build the brand solely focused on digital marketing or any other single marketing channel. There are great expectations that must be lived up to!

Today, the entire organization must be focused on knowing as much as possible about their customers and prospects, making it possible for them to hear from, and respond to, the organization through the channel(s) they prefer, when they prefer.

Here in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky we offer monthly seminars to help our clients and prospects learn as much as possible about all of the marketing channels available to them. If you’re ever in our area, let me know. We’d love to have you join us!


Print Excellence Awarded to Newport Company

Multi-Craft awarded at state level on 11 entries

Cincinnati, OH – January 2, 2013 – Multi-Craft is proud to announce it was recently awarded 11 Print Excellence Awards from the Printing Industries of Ohio and N. Kentucky (PIANKO).

Printing Industries Association President, Jim Cunningham stated how impressed this year’s judges were with the overall quality of all of the entries. “Ken, Paul and Glenn are all three experienced judges and printers whose combined expertise spans more than 100 years of print. Yet, even they were impressed with our members’ incredible work. It’s easy in today’s fast-paced world to just get the job done, but our Association members continue to demonstrate the pride and dedication to their craft that has made Ohio and Northern Kentucky printers some of the best in the world!”

Each year, PIANKO holds its Print Excellence Awards Competition to reward Ohio and Northern Kentucky printers that demonstrate excellence in 34 categories. This year member companies submitted over 458 printed pieces and three out-of-state expert judges ranked them in a regional competition. The 2012 judges were Ken Eberhart, The Merrick Printing Company; Paul Schmitz; Schmitz Printing Inc.; and Glenn Petry.

Each of the gold award winners in the regional competition are entered in an association-wide competition for Best Category and Best of Show prizes that will be awarded in August 2013 at the Grand Ceremony, being held in Columbus, Ohio.

Multi-Craft won the following awards:

  • Two (2) Gold Awards
  • Eight (8) Silver Awards
  • One (1) Bronze Award

To see some of Multi-Craft’s award-winning work, please visit:



About Multi-Craft – Print Excellence

Multi-Craft is a privately-held marketing services and support company founded in 1955, providing strategic marketing support, creative and print services, mailing, fulfillment and database management for businesses seeking opportunity and growth in their market. Its focus is to develop solutions with measurable results and ROI for a long-term business partnership. For more information visit: