Local Marketing Expert Shares Lessons in Networking and Mentoring with Young Pros

Multi-Craft President Deborah Simpson Visits Cincinnati AMA

Cincinnati, OH –August 9, 2012– This week, Multi-Craft president, Deborah Simpson was invited to speak at the Cincinnati American Marketing Association (AMA) Young Professionals event. Simpson, local business owner and expert in marketing support and commercial printing, spoke to the group about “Networking as a Way of Life”.

“My experiences in the business world have proven the value of building relationships and effective networking can be very helpful in doing that. Discussion with these young professionals reinforced that lesson, but was also very insightful in regard to what is new and fresh in event and online networking,” said Simpson.

Also discussed was the value of having a mentor and how that relationship can help a young professional successfully navigate the workplace. “Having a mentor, or champion, can provide a young professional with a sounding board and advocate. It can be helpful to hear another perspective or have a seasoned professional provide coaching in areas where the YP is looking to enhance their skills,” stated Simpson.

In May of this year, Multi-Craft was awarded Cincinnati AMA Small Business Marketer of the Year. Simpson continues participation as an active chapter member by sharing her expertise on marketing, print and fulfillment topics through events like this one.

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About Multi-Craft

Multi-Craft is a privately-held marketing services and support company founded in 1955, providing strategic marketing support, creative and print services, mailing, fulfillment and database management for businesses seeking opportunity and growth in their market. Its focus is to develop solutions with measurable results and ROI for a long-term business partnership. For more information visit: www.Multi-Craft.com.

About Cincinnati AMA Young Professionals

This special interest group’s focus is to support YPs in professional development, networking, and social events. The group has strong connections with the AMA national and the Greater Cincinnati region, which provides a wide range of resources to develop a strong career. We offer opportunities that help you get connected with the right people, companies and career opportunities. For more information visit: http://cincinnatiama.org/shared-interest-groups-sigs-2/young-professionals/.