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Even though I am here in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, the excitement over Facebook’s IPO was as prevalent here as it was on Wall Street. All of that excitement, followed by a great article on social media marketing in Target Marketing magazine, prompted me to share a few things around social media marketing.

Just like any marketing channel, social media is more effective when integrated with other channels. So, don’t feel you can direct 100% of your marketing efforts and budget to social media and get the return-on-investment you could receive through executing an integrated multi-channel marketing campaign.

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press-CNBC, indicates that 40% of Americans are NOT on Facebook, with 33% stating they have no interest, or need, for Facebook. Many have no desire to connect with long-lost classmates or old friends. And, many have no need for tilling the soil on Farmville.

Steve Jones, a University of Illinois at Chicago professor who studies online culture and communications stated that “We’ve added social networking to our lives. We haven’t added any hours to our days. The decision to be online on Facebook is simultaneously a decision not to be doing something else.”

What this poll should indicate to marketers is that if you are relying solely on Facebook for your marketing efforts, you are missing 40% of Americans. This is the reason I believe so strongly in integrating your marketing messages through multiple marketing channels.

Jeannette Kocsis, in her article, “4 Essential Marketing Strategies”, published in the May 2012 edition of Target Marketing Magazine, warns that we need to stop thinking that all social media falls into the same bucket. You can’t post one blurb, link it to all of your social media accounts and call it a day. Each social media network is different from the others and to be successful marketing through them, understanding their differences is important.

My favorite tip from Jeannette’s article as that there is a distinct difference on Facebook between Marketing and Engagement. It’s really important that we identify which one we are focusing on BEFORE we post. Engagement posts are those that ask questions or encourage people to comment and encourage “likes”. Those comments and “likes” are vital, as Facebook operates much like a search engine – the more “likes” and comments you have determines how visible and relevant your page is.

LinkedIn is the top social media channel in the B-2-B arena. While Facebook is where you may want to connect with your B-2-C customers or post those new pictures of your children and grandchildren, LinkedIn takes a more professional tack. Your profiles need to be structured as introductions of you to prospects, customers, employees and co-workers. Your company LinkedIn page should include links to your website, other company social media sites and include keywords so you can be found.

For those who like to communicate in 140 words or less, Twitter is your channel! Probably the most important thing you can remember about Twitter is that you need to monitor it regularly. If you don’t respond to a direct message on Twitter, it will reflect poorly on you. As Ms. Kocsis states, Twitter is a “one-to-one channel” as opposed to Facebook where “it’s all about community”.

No matter which social media sites you choose to use to market to, or engage with, your prospects and clients, it will be time well spent to develop a strategy, monitor your sites, post regularly and link to relevant content. Keep in mind that not everyone will open your direct mail piece, read your email, visit your Facebook page, engage with your mobile marketing or return your phone call. But, it’s more likely that they will engage with at least one of those channels. That’s the best reason to consider using multiple marketing channels when executing your marketing strategy.

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What A Week!

Exactly two weeks ago, the Multi-Craft team attended the American Marketing Association (Cincinnati) Marketer of the Year Awards Dinner. Yes, we were up for Small Business Marketer of the Year for our re-branding campaign! When we first were nominated and prepared our entry, we felt certain that we could pull off a win this year. However, when we heard the name of one of the other finalists, a large corporate-financed organization that hosts an incredible event in our area every year, our optimism quickly dissipated.

Of course, we reserved our table and attended the awards dinner because, even though we felt certain we would not win, we did not want to look like sore losers. So, we went and were resigned to the fact that, while we were honored to be a finalist, we would be applauding another organization’s win. To say we were shocked, when it was our organization that was the winner, would be an understatement. I’ve never felt more proud of our Northern Kentucky company than I did that evening.

Our entire team has been focused on changing the direction of our organization. Change, as you know, is not always easy, but our team has come through with flying colors. From transforming ourselves from “just another printing company”, to an organization that can effectively develop and execute marketing strategy in many marketing channels, took the dedication of every one of us.

Two days later, I had a personal accomplishment that capped off this wonderful week. At the age of 60, I completed the Indianapolis Half Marathon (walked) in 17 minutes a mile. My blisters, sore feet and beautiful completion medal were badges of honor for the last few weeks.

The purpose of this blog today is not to brag – well, just a little about my incredible team of professionals, but to show that so many things are possible when you prepare for them and are committed to making them happen. With technology driving change so rapidly in many areas of our lives, it just makes sense to accept and embrace change.

Look at it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself or your organization!

Multi-Craft awarded Small Business Marketer of the Year

Multi-Craft owners Tom Gibbs, Debbie Simpson, and Pam Lasita with the 2012 Small Business Marketer of the Year award.

Cincinnati, OH – May 8, 2012 – Thursday, May 5 marked the annual Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year award ceremony and dinner. Four categories were presented including: Large Business, Small Business, Nonprofit and Collegiate. Newport-based Multi-Craft was elected the winner of the Small Business Marketer of the Year for their company rebranding campaign.

“Our team has spent the last five years transitioning from providing the high quality printing and mailing services that we have offered since 1955, to diversifying our brand and company to be able to execute every part of our client’s marketing plans over many channels,” stated Multi-Craft president, Deborah Simpson.

Multi-Craft has been a family-owned and operated commercial printer in Cincinnati for more than 55 years. With the internet boom and rapid technology developments seen over the last several years, the company identified the opportunity to expand their service offerings to meet the needs of their clients and embarked on a rebranding campaign. Their submission for Small Business Marketer of the Year included a new brand, website, custom publication, social media and seminar series, as a few of the major components of their new brand.

The company’s new focus on supporting the execution of fully integrated campaigns reflects a greater industry trend and allows their clients greater flexibility in their strategic partnership.

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About Multi-Craft

Multi-Craft is a privately-held marketing services and support company founded in 1955, providing strategic marketing support, creative and print services, mailing, fulfillment and database management for businesses seeking opportunity and growth in their market. Its focus is to develop solutions with measurable results and ROI for a long-term business partnership.

Small Business Marketer of the Year

Yes, the team at Multi-Craft is on cloud nine this morning. Last night the Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association selected us as Small Business Marketer of the Year.

Our team has spent the last 5 years transitioning from providing printing and mailing services to the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky business community, to being able to execute our client’s messages in many marketing channels.

It’s no longer just about ink on paper. But, it’s also not just about your website or email campaign. Marketing today is about using what you know about your targets, segmenting your list and providing those targets with relevant offers and messaging through integrated campaigns.

It’s taking direct mail and integrating it with email, website, social media and mobile marketing. It’s using variable data to truly target your clients and prospects with one-to-one messaging. All of this drives return on investment for the marketing dollars you are spending.

So, today is a short and sweet blog to say thank you to the Cincinnati chapter of the American Marketing Association. We are thrilled to receive this award. And, a great big “job well done” to the team at Multi-Craft!

Multi-Craft helps Queen City Cookies go national

Peggy Shannon
Peggy Shannon of Queen City Cookies holds packages of cookies, surrounded by a variety of stamps used in their design. The company will begin nationwide sales in the next few weeks.


The perfect cookie should include a hint of cardamom or a touch of chipotle.

It should be as beautifully decorated as it is tasty, and packaged with the same frills and flair.

Those simple rules of thumb, executed with extreme detail at Queen City Cookies, have been enough to build a bustling bakery business in less than three years.